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A Learners Guide to Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans can appear a touch of overwhelming when you first begin. At first look it might appear like simply one more town developer/MMO system diversion like Mobile Strike or Vikings War of Clans, yet really the amusement has some extremely remarkable elements to separate it from the rest.

To assist new players who are attempting to get to holds with the diversion, we have assembled this present novice’s manual for kick you off.

Gold Income Matters

Gold is the primary money in Dawn of Titans unlimited gold and you require it to fabricate and overhaul practically the majority of your structures. It will more likely than not be the primary asset your come up short on as another player, so in view of this you need to boost your gold pay.

The principal structures you ought to manufacture and redesign beyond what many would consider possible are your gold mines. Every time you expand your Castle level new gold mines ought to be fabricated first and completely overhauled. This will furnish you with a relentless supply of gold, permitting you to redesign whatever is left of your structures.

Save Your Gems

All freemium recreations today have some type of cash you can buy with genuine cash. Normally permitting you to purchase assets, skip clocks and drastically expand your advancement in the amusement. In Dawn of Titans this coin is Gems.

Right from the begin you ought to set aside every one of your pearls for later utilize i.e. doesn’t spend them on rate ups, assets, restoring troops, or revivals in fight.

My suggestion is to spare your diamonds for the accompanying:-

Obtaining a second Builder’s Yard for 1,500 jewels, as you can’t buy this working with gold and it permits you to construct/redesign two structures in the meantime.

Obtaining an ensured titan card in your Relic Temple for 4,000 jewels. This offers you the opportunity to get an uncommon, or super uncommon Titan.

Join an Alliance

You ought to join a collusion at the earliest opportunity; any partnership will do as you can simply move later. And in addition having the capacity to visit to different players to pick up counsel and tips, you can likewise ask for support troops to shield your kingdom from assaults and to use in your own particular fights.

You ask for fortifications by selecting your Alliance Camp and clicking “demand”. Keep in mind to give back where its due and send your partners fortifications as well!

Pick Your Race Carefully

At Castle level 7 you open four single player crusades, permitting you to pick your race out of either: Unak, Elithen, Ragnar or Mossmaine. Just by beginning one of the four battles you will be bolted out of the other three races until later in the amusement, when the crusades are a great deal harder to contend.

Thusly pick which one you need to join painstakingly. When you finish the battle you will have the capacity to assemble a race particular Palace – permitting you to prepare race particular troops in your Barracks.

The troops you can prepare are:-

Unak – Grenadiers

Elithen – Pikemen

Ragnar – Goliaths

Mossmaine – Panthers

You can look at the troops details, qualities and shortcomings in your encampment before you settle on your choice!

Uncommon and Super Rare Titans

In case you’re sparing your diamonds, or spending some cash on the amusement attempt to get an uncommon or super uncommon titan as quickly as time permits.

Titans all have their irregularity numbered on their profile picture from 1 to 4 (1 being basic and 4 being super uncommon).

This will have an immense effect to your armed force’s assault quality and will permit you to win much harder battles and beat larger amount players right off the bat. On the off chance that you get a super uncommon titan it’s not unprecedented to have the capacity to solo the greater part of the early crusades regardless of the fact that every one of your troops kick the bucket!


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Catch and Upgrade Resource Islands

You ought to catch and keep on upgrading the greatest number of asset islands as you can hold for your Castle level. Toward the begin of the diversion gold islands are the best, as gold is difficult to find until your gold mines are built up.

As you advance through the diversion you may change to VIP and different islands keeping in mind the end goal to help your collusion rankings.

Arrangement Your Kingdom Layout

In Dawn of Titans your property space matters! On the off chance that you simply dump your structures everywhere you will wind up with an extremely poor utilization of space and will soon come up short on space to put new structures.

Attempt to line up your structures from the edge of the guide and leave as meager space as could reasonably be expected between them to augment the utilization of your territory.

It’s additionally a smart thought to put all the asset creating structures together, to make it less demanding to gather your gold and sustenance rapidly.

Overhaul your Troops and Titan

You can overhaul your troops in your Armory and Titan in your Hall of Titans. This makes them fundamentally more grounded. Redesigning your troops is reliant on the level of your Armory – attempt to keep it updated as high as could reasonably be expected.

You can redesign your titan in your Hall of Titans after they get a full affair bar. You procure xp in battle.

Troop and Titan redesigns cost sustenance which is produced by your homesteads.

Think before Retaliating

On the off chance that you login and see you have been assaulted, then you will get the choice to quickly counter and assault the player’s base. Before you do this recollect being assaulted gifts you a transitory shield preventing others from assaulting you.

Assaulting another player evacuates your shield, permitting different players to assault you again and take your assets.

It may be worth holding up until you are more grounded and exploiting the defensive shield.

Keep in mind Troop Strengths and Weaknesses

In fights recollect that all troops have their own particular individual qualities and shortcomings. You ought to arrange your assaults so that your units assault the troops they are solid against and stay far from the troops they are frail against.

To recap:-

Spearmen are solid versus Militia and feeble versus Archers

Bowmen are solid versus Spearmen and frail versus Militia

State army are solid versus Archers and frail versus Spearmen


Ideally the above tips will set you on the right way as you begin in Dawn of Titans. Stay posted for some more top to bottom aides and walk-throughs to take after soon!

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